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 Our Services
Radio communication construction - radio towers production, assembling and construction (radio towers, towers for GSM network, supports).

At present time we have great experience in building constructions of such types as:
  • Three-bearing towers (30m, 50m, 65m)
  • Towers with ambages placed on roofs
  • Tubular masts (4m, 6m)
Designing, production, assembling, construction of additional elements for radio towers.    We provide such service as repair and replanning of the lodgment for equipment.

Our electrotechnical department represents a safe combination of quality, consisting of designing, assembling and putting into operation sites for radio network. Qualified designers take in consideration optimal technical and economic decisions for the uninterrupted power supply. Team of electricians realizes paper project into real existing electrical web.

Electrician team implements project with high quality, quickly and in time, obeying all State rules, using equipment of such well-known trade marks as Merlin Gerin, Moeller, ИЭК and others. Authorized electricians coordinate and control all implemented works.

Our electrotechnical laboratory provides all needed tests for the electric equipment and issues decision of accordance. Certified engineers will prepare all needed documentation for Energy Inspection and will realize project in life.

We realize such activities as:
  • Control panels assembling (model BZUM)
  • Switch boards assembling
  • Cable and air electric mains construction (0,4kV)
  • Indoor electric network assembling in technological and industrial areas
  • Laboratory testing of equipment, resistance measuring of ground grids, wire insulation, winding of eletromachines and testing of the protective equipment
  • Assembling of control panels, switching and protective equipment
  • Power supply lines projecting
Cable broaching:
«Venava Grup» realizes fiber-optic and different cables broaching, which are used as connecting network between cities and villages and as departmental communication network for State enterprise «Moldavian Railway» and «Orange» corporation. We use highly qualified staff, necessary equipment and machines to implement these projects. At present time we successfully construct and reconstruct connecting networks in urban and rural areas, providing great assistance for the development of radio communication sector in back lands. Our company always increases volume of providing services in radio communication sector achieving top results. Our priority duty consists in further quality improvement.

Zinc platting of metal:
Our company is the unique representative of «Liber Paints» in Moldova. Our collaboration is realized by general distributor of «Liber Paints» in Ukraine «Izida». We provide the method of “cold” zinc platting, using special material «Polyzinc», which is well-known in Europe since 1976. This method completely corresponds to ISO3449 (DIN 55969) standards and is used as anticorrosive material for ferrous metals. Polyzinc is not only an excellent clearcole, but also a good final covering in contrast to other zinc-containing materials. For the additional information about Polyzinc you may contact us.